It’s okay to
take the SLOWLINE

In a fast-moving, hurried, rat-race-driven world one often feels overwhelmed and bombarded. It can be draining at times. Seasonal trends come and go, fast fashion grows, social media & consumerism overpowers our minds. And so, the lines between what we want vs. what we need become blurry.

Whilst being caught up in the “hustle and bustle”, it’s easy to forget the benefits of a slow-paced lifestyle. It truly is vital for a healthy mind and body. Embrace slowness and find your inner calm.
Because it’s okay to take the SLOWLINE.

SLOWLINE Manifesto

We are citizens of urban jungles, Living in cyclical fashion without flowing with it.
We sing and dance and amble among neon lights.
We know what we want and stay true to ourselves.
We embrace our differences and value who we are.

We are city quitters——the fled herd. We are proud to take a SLOWLINE.